Workshop Description

Have you ever met someone so passionate about living that they ignite something within you? Some longing to be more, become more, to do more.

These are the “Possibilitarians” who are comfortable in their own skin, at ease with risk, open-minded, open-hearted and courageous. They refuse to snooze their lives away on the couch of their comfort zones. Rather, they befriend their fears. Continually taking steps that stretch their capacity. Certainly, they know the possibility of failure, for they have failed often. Yet even still, they continue on, releasing the need to know the outcome. When it comes to what others think about their dreams, their lives, and passions—really they could care less! After all, this is THEIR LIFE! They are the ones in the driver’s seat, deciding exactly where to go, how fast to get there, and in what direction they’re heading.  These are the ones who make an impact, a difference. They are deeply happy, and yes…they are Kicking Ass in the 2nd Half!!!

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If you have a nudging telling you that your life story isn’t completely written yet…then pay attention! Deep within, you know you have more to share, more to explore, more to stretch into, more to discover and create. We invite you to join us for this uniquely transformational workshop. 


This full day, creative, hands-on experience will help you dig deep and unearth your hidden passions, purpose and the life maps that are waiting to be discovered. Your time is now and your life is waiting for you to claim it! “Kicking Ass in the 2nd Half” is more than just a catchy phrase…it’s a way of "being" that will transform you, the life you lead, and the legacy you leave.

Don't miss your opportunity.  The right time is now.  Learn how you can Kick Ass in the 2nd Half!  Space is limited.  Register today.

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This event will take place at our home (Turtle Creek Acres) which is a spacious, converted 1920's dairy barn. We do have pets and farm animals on the premises.  Therefore, please be aware of allergic considerations. Yes, this is a "hobby farm"/retreat home. An integral part of it's charm are the cats, dogs, horses, sheep, hay and chickens that grace it. The cats and dogs are indoor/outdoor animals. However, they will not be present during the event. Normally, they do live in the house, so there may be some allergic remnants still present. If you have allergies, please bring any medications you may need. 

If you are flying in from out of town, we suggest you stay at the Hampton Inn McHenry on Route 31 in McHenry, IL.